Wicked Stereo Sound Records (WSSR)

Artist Management


Record Label/Management Program has now come to life.
The Business Problem
Everyday Artists and Bands need Help to fulfil and grow their Talent. Often their own Networking is not enough and so potentially great Artists and Bands never get the Exposure they need and deserve.
W.S.S.R solves this problem By taking on Artists that do not have a very Big fan base. The Artists then share the platform with each of there friends locally and World Wide. The platform gives Gives Artists Great Exposure to help them best showcase their Music. More and More Artists Come Forward to Us Everyday Because they are not Afraid of what we say, as we take on many potential Artists and Bands. We Work with the Artists, via a coach to help them all the way through their career. inc Recording/Production/Releases
The Market
Our platform was launched at the perfect time as the enormous growth has been experienced and continues to do so.
With More and More Artists and Bands Coming forward the platform is getting bigger by the minute, WSSR is providing the solution both for Artists looking for Exposure advice Producing and Publishing
Competitive Advantages:
We’re international. Most Labels operate locally.
We Work with Artists on international Which spreads the Artists worldwide.
We take on More Artists than any other Record Label


PO Box 6945, London

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